How to build voice tools for mobile workers

Who are the mobile workforce?

Why do mobile workers need access to technology?

Mobile workers in CEP take part in a dynamic environment where variables are constantly changing, from time-critical priority parcels to special delivery instructions, traffic and weather conditions and collections requests coming in throughout the day. It’s a job that demands high levels of mobility by its nature, and this presents unique challenges.

  • helps to navigate the perfect route
  • significantly reduces the amount of delivery errors and failures
  • proactively provides specific delivery instructions for each and every newspaper
  • 10% more parcels successfully shipped
  • 50% fewer claims due to incorrect delivery
  • 94% less usage of handheld devices while driving
  • 76% efficiency boost for new drivers
Smart new technology: Courier Assistant in action.

Three principles we use to build solutions

Here are the our essential takeaways. When building assistance solutions for logistics, we have a few mantras in product development that help to guide us along the way. These are:


Provide workers with access to information that helps them to perform their jobs quicker and more easily. Give people new abilities.


Routine workflows can be repetitive and inefficient. Automate simple operating procedures and free your deskless workforce.


Once a deskless worker leaves HQ, staying in touch can be tricky. AI tools like smart dialogues with in-line translation make life easier for both parties.



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