Field Test: DHL drivers test AI-powered voice assistant

The challenge: CEP volumes exploding amid driver shortages

“This year [2020] we are expecting a parcel boom the like of which we have never seen before.” Frank Appel — DHL CEO

The idea: Voice assistance for parcel drivers

The Last Mile Assistant in action
The Last Mile Assistant running on an Android tablet during field testing in Leicestershire.

The logistics partner: DHL Parcel UK

“A more efficient driver has an impact on all other key KPIs such as successful first delivery or time to stop.” Daniel Mieves, CPO and co-founder, German Autolabs.

The vehicle partner: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

“Voice assistance for drivers who drive for a living was the natural next step for us to explore together.” Artur Hasselbach — Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The Last Mile Assistant graphical user interface (GUI)

The product: Last Mile Assistant

The GUI explained
  • Delivery or pick-up
  • Number of items
  • Delivery information stored by the customer
  • Defined secure locations.
The Voice UX logic flow

The field test: DHL Hub, Leicester

“The field test clearly demonstrated that the Last Mile Assistant has so many knock-on effects down the whole logistics chain and adds value to the business. Our research showed that it was especially helpful for new starters. They can quickly learn unfamiliar areas, get into a well-working workflow and are more effective and less challenged with their new job as a result.”

Daniel Mieves — CPO and co-founder, German Autolabs.




We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

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German Autolabs

German Autolabs

We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

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