The Last Mile parcel boom

The Big Players

Frank Appel, CEO of DHL
Santa has come early, and he’s extended his 30-day money back guarantee.
Your Christmas dinner has left the restaurant

Beyond Parcels: Local Delivery

Business successes in the Last Mile scene have notably come from the food delivery vertical. Lieferando continue to lead the way, posting profits up from 80 to 160 million euros. Again, demand during the pandemic has almost doubled. Growth of this magnitude has across Lieferando territories, including Netherlands, England and Canada.

German Autolabs’ Last Mile Voice UX example

Changing the game

At German Autolabs we’ve long seen the need to support Last Mile logistics, especially as their working environments become ever busier and more demanding. We’re bringing voice assistance to professional drivers and allying it with AI augmentation, helping to onboard drivers faster than before, and making sure that when they hit the road, the drivers have a useful assistant by their side.



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German Autolabs

German Autolabs

We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.