Hyperlocal delivery: The changing face of parcel fulfilment

So what is hyperlocal delivery, exactly?

  • Convenience. Hyperlocal fits around busy lives. Consumers have high service expectations — now more than ever.
  • It connects both local merchants and corporates with customers at the doorstep level.
  • Seamless transactions build trust between businesses and customers.
  • Contactless deliveries minimise COVID risks.
  • Some claim hyperlocal to have a small geographical radius (stores located within 5 kilometers of home), but we find this definition is applicable only to eg. takeaway food delivery.

How is hyperlocal delivery fulfilled?

The unique challenges of hyperlocal delivery

  • Courier acquisition and onboarding
  • Time per drop
  • Unfamiliar, non-standard routes
  • Incorrect delivery information jeopardising tight time windows.
  • Demand prediction
  • Inventory management
  • Peak period fulfilment

How can voice assistance tackle logistics and CEP KPIs?

  • Efficiency. Voice is a glanceable interface that works without the need for distracting screens. This makes it optimum for use while operating vehicles of all modalities, from scooter to truck.
  • Service quality. Voice makes invisible information audible. Think of essential address info on a swipe screen: time and again, this info is missed by busy couriers. Highlighting it results in fewer errors and happier customers.
  • Database updates and annotation. Voice is a zero touch method of seamlessly delivering information back into the system. It also bypasses typing fatigue, resulting in happier and more productive couriers.
  • Global scalability. Voice breaks existing UX barriers by allowing people to communicate with the system in their own language and their own words.

What solutions is German Autolabs developing?

Courier Assistant in action

Want to know more?

We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

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German Autolabs

German Autolabs

We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

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