Hyperlocal delivery: The changing face of parcel fulfilment

“Same-day delivery is a game changer because it combines the immediate product availability of retail with the convenience of ordering from home.”

(SVP of a major logistics company) — McKinsey

So what is hyperlocal delivery, exactly?

“Venture-backed grocery delivery firms have raised roughly $1.56 billion in Europe so far this year, up from $687 million in 2020.”


How is hyperlocal delivery fulfilled?

The unique challenges of hyperlocal delivery

How can voice assistance tackle logistics and CEP KPIs?

“It’s very simple — if we manage to save just 1 minute per tour, it means a 3 digit million dollars amount for us.”

VP of Asia’s largest delivery service platform

What solutions is German Autolabs developing?

Courier Assistant in action

Want to know more?



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