Bluetooth: How it works and why we still need it.

xkcd: Bluetooth

It started 1000 years ago.

The runic-inspired Bluetooth logo

- Bluetooth? It feels like a needy partner. It’s just so much effort compared to what you get back.

- Bluetooth is just a really unsexy technology. Nobody wants to know about it, everybody just wants it to work.

- Come to lunch with the developers, you’ll get hours and hours of Bluetooth related “content”.

Bluetooth in cable form.

Father was a cable.

An early Apple supercomputer

Bluetooth, black heart.

Early-stage drawing board for Chris; soldering irons and Bluetooth chipsets in the foreground

Why we have to hack Bluetooth

Chris in action, courtesy of hacked up Bluetooth

“Hey Chris, send a WhatsApp message to Dad.”

Laptop, smartphone, 1000-year-old runic symbol

The future is bright, the future is blue.




We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

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German Autolabs

German Autolabs

We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

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