DHL Parcel UK, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and German Autolabs teamed up to build and test a voice assistant for delivery drivers. The result: drivers spend less time looking at their scanner while at the wheel, are more effective in delivery, and are less stressed at work. New drivers and temporary staff are onboarded faster and experience major benefits from a proactive assistance system. Here’s how we did it.

The challenge: CEP volumes exploding amid driver shortages

2020 has been an unusual year for all of us, and especially the logistics industry. While the boom in online retail has been ensuring steady growth for a number of years now…

Meet Don, our lovely UI-UX Designer. In this chapter of Snapshot, Don explains how he designed an interface that isn’t really supposed to be looked at, and when it occasionally goes wrong, how he finds empathy in ambient music.

Dead Trees and Geocities

I started working with dead trees as a print designer back in the year 2000, but before too long I got sucked into the world of web design projects. This was an era when web design as a discipline was still quite new and we were all haunted by the memory of some harrowing early efforts.

The parcel industry is exploding, but logistics and delivery companies can’t keep up with demand. That’s why German Autolabs is developing AI-powered language tools to help recruit and train new drivers. CEO Holger G. Weiss explains all.

The CEP industry (courier, express, parcel service providers) faces a dilemma that many industries confront when they grow disproportionately. Developments in recent years, and especially since the Corona crisis, have driven up the volume of parcels shipped month-on-month. The figures are staggering: at the end of 2020, Deutsche Post alone estimated that it would have transported 1.8 billion parcels in the whole year…

Lockdown II is here like the sequel no one wanted, and once again we’ve lost the dubious privilege of hitting the high streets for our Christmas shopping. Fortunately, heroic Last Mile Delivery providers have got our backs — and for them, business is booming.

I noticed something this morning while walking to the German Autolabs office in the center of Berlin. In almost every street, you could see multiple delivery vans from DHL, Hermes, DPD, UPS, or one of the many white label local logistics companies.

In the era of the new normal it’s more normal than ever to bring…

We wanted our voice assistant to be safer and smarter for professional drivers. This required some new technology to suppress notifications during moments of high concentration. Introducing: Safety Feed.

It’s 2020 — Why are we still relying on this strange, archaic platform?

xkcd: Bluetooth

It started 1000 years ago.

Fact: Bluetooth first appeared in Denmark around 950 AD, helping to spread Christianity to Jutland and Zealand, and cementing the rule of a new dynasty across Denmark and Norway. King Harald Bluetooth was the son of Gorm, and ruled in a state of blissful ignorance that his name would be pinched by a team of Ericsson engineers 1000 years later.

This is Snapshot, where members of German Autolabs discuss unique working challenges. This time round, Duygu Altinok, our senior Natural Language Processing engineer, explains how she makes sense out of a noisy in-vehicle environment and why she just can’t get enough of the Portuguese language.

Falling in love with signals.

I really like playing with speech data. Like many Natural Language Processing developers out there, my first job was in Information Retrieval. Then I moved to neural network-based methods until I got a chance to work in an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-To-Speech (TTS) development team. …

COVID-19 has the world in its grip. Many of us are living in lockdown, borders have been closed, the flow of goods has been interrupted and entire national economies are at a standstill. Yet people continue to shop online for everything from toilet paper to essential medicines. As a result, many fleet operators are realising that they have become a new frontline emergency service.

No more scanner signatures

Coronavirus is disrupting the entire logistics sector. Here in Germany, parcel services currently aim to guarantee all deliveries without restrictions but are changing their procedures to protect both the driver and the recipient. The big players…

We’re operating in an unprecedented healthcare crisis, yet work goes on as startups and tech companies transition to a new way of collaborating. Enter the home office — you’re probably reading this from yours right now. Our German Autolabs team is distributed all round the world and remote work is a constant. Senior Content Strategist, Rory Dickenson, gathered a few insights from our community to help your transitions run a little more smoothly.

You’re working in the future.

The advantages of home offices have long been noted by global tech teams. Buffer, Wordpress and Gitlab run highly successful and efficient remote operations. As office rents…

This is Snapshot, where members of German Autolabs discuss unique working challenges, from overseas hardware manufacturing to natural language understanding. Today our senior Android developer, Mohsen Mirhoseini, explains how to send voice over Bluetooth Low Energy for a faster, more robust experience.

How about Bluetooth classic?

Three years ago when we first started thinking about Chris, one of our biggest challenges was: how are we going to transfer voice?

Initially, we tried to send the audio using classic Bluetooth — the kind that you find in a normal pair of wireless headphones. But at German Autolabs we have a very particular use-case: in-car connectivity…

German Autolabs

We build voice assistance solutions for professional drivers.

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