The mobile workforce is changing in terms of demographic, but remains essential to our economy. One thing is a constant: people need tools to maintain a competitive edge. Here’s how we augment workflows by building relevant solutions that speak the language of logistics.

Who are the mobile workforce?

If you’re reading this from your desk…

Lockdown II is here like the sequel no one wanted, and once again we’ve lost the dubious privilege of hitting the high streets for our Christmas shopping. Fortunately, heroic Last Mile Delivery providers have got our backs — and for them, business is booming.

I noticed something this morning while…

This is Snapshot, where members of German Autolabs discuss unique working challenges. This time round, Duygu Altinok, our senior Natural Language Processing engineer, explains how she makes sense out of a noisy in-vehicle environment and why she just can’t get enough of the Portuguese language.

Falling in love with signals.

I really like playing with…

German Autolabs

We build logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

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